Dutch photography from the 18th century to the present day

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Installation views exhibition GEMAK, The Hague (until April 29)

—28 maart 2012

6 maart 2012

Johanna Vliegenthart


One of the most notable photographers of the seventies was the paranormal Johanna Vliegenthart. She combined her extraordinary gifts with inventive photographic methods. The pictures shown here, I found at the annual paranormal fair in The Hague.

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2 maart 2012

Adriaan Paauw

1765 - 1792

The most spectacular discovery in my career as a photo collector was without doubt the work of Adriaan Paauw, the first inventor of photography. During a routine visit to the weekly antique market in The Hague, one of the dealers showed me a tin box containing a well-thumbed copy of an eighteenth-century scientific literature classic - the Chemische Abhandlung von der Luft und dem Feuer by the Swedish chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele.

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27 februari 2012

Fien Huijbregts

1910 - 1977

Fien Huijbregts has had only a short career as photographer. Around 1930, she formed part of the surrealist movement in Brussels. In Dutch photography, surrealism is essentially non-existent, and Huijbregts is an important exception. Her work is informed by her remarkable ability to see a different reality in ordinary objects.

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Part of the De Nooy Collection exhibited in GEMAK

—26 februari 2012

Invite to the exhibition
Some years ago, at a printing company in Schiedam, I found the lost edition of Haarscherp, a feminist photo magazine from 1977. Haarscherp has never been published, but, as it appears now, the first number has been printed. Shortly before publication was due, the editors got mixed up in a violent quarrel and the magazine was abandoned. I bought the entire run and present the work of several photographers from the magazine in this exhibition.
20 februari 2012

Théophile de Bock

1851 - 1904

Théophile de Bock is still relatively famous because he assisted with the Panorama Mesdag, was regularly mentioned in the letters of Van Gogh and because several streets in The Netherlands bear his name. As an independent painter however, he has been practically forgotten. The discovery of this series of photographs could well change this situation since it sheds a completely new light on his painting activities. Moreover, De Bock appears to be one of the few nineteenth-century landscape photographer in the history of Dutch photography.

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15 februari 2012

Yvon de Korte

1948 - 1979

Photographer from the feminist photo magazine Haarscherp. Yvon de Korte was a photographer that also made movies and paintings. At the time of Haarscherp, she had just won an important film prize. Shortly after, she died in an accident.

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15 februari 2012

Sammy Hegontvlug


Socially critical female photographer who published, amongst others, in the feminist photo magazine Haarscherp.

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14 januari 2012

Ankie Geeneen


Photographer from the feminist photo magazine Haarscherp.

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22 oktober 2011

Jacques Oostvogels

1796 - 1849

I purchased this remarkable series of cyanotypes, made around 1845, from a distant relative of Jacques Oostvogels. Study of the photographs  and research into the life of their maker is in full swing.

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